Admissions Requirements

Admissions Requirements


The Technion American Medical School is available to qualified U.S. and Canadian citizens or permanent residents who spent at least 8 out of the last 10 years residing in North America. Our program in the Technion Faculty of Medicine offers an opportunity for students to pursue an M.D. educational program with a curriculum and course of study patterned after U.S. medical schools. Equal consideration is given to all applications from qualified applicants without regard to sex, religion, age, race, color, national origin, or physical handicap, within the meaning of applicable federal and state laws. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Entrance Requirements

To qualify for admission an applicant must have:

  1. Completed a baccalaureate degree from the U.S. or Canada and required pre-med courses at the time of entrance into the program
  2. Successfully completed the following courses:
  • General Chemistry – one-year course with laboratory
  • Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry – one-semester course each
  • General Physics – one-year course with laboratory
  • General Biology – one-year course with laboratory
  • Statistics and Calculus are recommended
  1. Taken the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT)

The Admissions Committee has no preference regarding an applicant’s undergraduate major. The committee is interested in the applicant’s science preparation and in the breadth of the total undergraduate academic and extracurricular experiences. The TeAMs program hopes to attract highly qualified men and women whose personal qualities and achievements indicate great promise for becoming outstanding clinical physicians.

A candidate’s MCAT grade and GPA determine the status of an applicant in reference to other applicants applying to the Technion American Medical School. The grades quoted in the table below are approximations only. In reality, the grades needed to qualify may differ due to the number of applicants, their grades, places still available and other extracurricular achievements. In the later stages of the registration period, the qualification grade may differ from earlier stages.

MCAT: overall average score 500 and above and 125 in each section. MCAT must be within 4 years of application. Exception only provided for PhD students.

GPA: B average or above in most courses

Admissions Period: October 1st– July 31st each year

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