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Being a Volunteer: Medical Professionalism for the Heart and Soul

July 12, 2012

Technion American Medical Program Student giving of her time to help Holocaust survivors.

Esther Oziel (2013) balances her schedule of medical studies, U.S. electives, planning her wedding and giving of her time to help a Holocaust survivor.

Esther says "My experience volunteering at the Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel was nothing short of inspirational. I met with 2 separate elderly women for a couple of hours each week, to engage in conversation and provide companionship. Given the overwhelming amount of work associated with med school, I was often inclined to reschedule our meetings. However, once I sat and spoke with these women and listened to their inspiring lives and experiences, I was instilled with a sense of calmness and perspective.

I was always happy I spent the time to meet with these special individuals and without a doubt it positively influenced my state of mind for school. I highly recommend that every medical student break away from their studies now and again and partake in community and volunteer activities to further their mental and spiritual wellbeing."

For more information on volunteer opportunities contact the Student Services Office and the Student Council.