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Open to qualified U.S. and Canadian citizens or permanent residents who spent...
Message from the Dean

We are very happy for our graduating students and their remarkable success in the 2014 NRMP match. Most certainly this is reflective of the tremendous amount of hard work and dedication they have engaged in. However, there is another reason why this class has been so successful and it can be attributed to a philosophy laid down by then newly elected class president Josh Geleris about two years ago. To paraphrase Josh, "this is your school, take pride in it, don’t just complain about what it is not doing but rather do something to make it better." It is always easy to find faults in life, but it is a sign of greatness to try to find a solution. This sense of proactivity and greatness is my greatest point of pride for this graduating class.

Alumni Making a Difference

“In October 2002 my mother was brought to the Carmel hospital emergency room. The doctor who examined her was accompanied by four English-speaking students enrolled in the International Medical program at the Technion. When the doctor asked if she had any pains, she responded that sometimes her stomach hurt. In training the students with him, the doctor explained how thoroughly things need to be checked out and sent my mother for an ultrasound. We found out that my mother had terminal liver cancer.

She was admitted into the hospital for treatment. The doctor asked if she would be comfortable with an American student accompanying her during her hospitalization. Being fluent in English, my mother...

The Technion American Program Offers
  •  A full range of clinical opportunities within teaching hospitals
  • State-of-the-art laboratories, medical equipment and facilities
  •  Internationally renowned researchers and staff
  •  English-language curriculum
  •  Warm, supportive, encouraging environment
  •  Integration with the local student body
  • Access to all Technion facilities (campus swimming pool, sports center, social and cultural activities)

We invite you to join us at our many scheduled information seminars in the U.S. and Canada. You will have the opportunity to learn...

MD Thesis
A short sample of Thesis Publications by the Graduates of the American Medical Program..
Student Affairs
Cultural events, performances and artistic outlets and spiritual observances; athletic skill and..