Student Life

The student community is an integral part of ​the medical school experience at Technion. Our students act as a family away from home, supporting  incoming students as they acclimate to a new country and new stage of life​. Each student ​is assigned ​a ​mentor to provide ​academic, social, and general ​guidance ​as they transition to life in Israel, and upperclassmen constantly offer assistance, from sharing notes and study tips to running exam review sections and tutoring.

The TeAMS Student Council organizes social events as a way to bring students together from the American and Israeli programs and offer a fun way to take a break from their studies. Planned activities including the Annual Dodgeball Tournament, Variety Show, movie nights, running club, and other Technion-wide events. Student Council provides holiday festivities ranging from Jewish-themed Hanukkah Harry gift exchanges and Lag Ba’Omer bonfires to more American events like a Thanksgiving potluck and Halloween costume party. Additionally, students are always invited to Shabbat dinners every week by other students, where everyone eats, drinks, hangs with friends, and takes a relaxing night off.

Friday Night Dinners
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Every week students from different years join together for big family-style, pot-luck dinners to spend time with friends and meet new classmates.
Bat Galim
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Living near school in this small beachside neighborhood of Haifa, students are an instrumental part of the Bat Galim community. The students help the local community strengthen its religious character and helped establish a student run bar.
Student Night
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With over 15,000 peoople in attendance, this Technion-wide event is the highlight for many. It includes sporting events, country scavenger hunts, pool parties, and one of the largest concerts in Israel.
Class Trips
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Boating, paint ball, water skilling, wine tasting, and more. Class trips always include a good time exploring Israel.
Exploring Israel
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Experiencing different populations and places will give you a chance to understand the culturally rich sites of Israel.
Beach Bonfire
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Technion beachside bonfires include picturesque sunsets, music, activities and of course, s’mores.
Beach Yoga
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A student run activity, Beach Yoga helps develop the body, mind and spirit.
Variety Show
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Whether it is belly dancing, stand up, musical or none of the above, this annual event gives students a chance to show off their hidden talents.
Dodgeball Tournament
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Set right on the beach backdrop, 0ur annual dodgeball tournament of pre-clinical vs clinical students always helps get those competitive juices flowing.
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