The Technion Faculty of Medicine pioneered the integration of exact sciences, engineering, life sciences and medical sciences to advance health care.Our research mission is to conduct cutting-edge research to advance knowledge in life and medical sciences and improve health care. Our teaching mission is to educate students to become compassionate clinicians, researchers, and teachers.

The medical program mission is to produce a quality physician, placing professionalism at the center of teaching while fostering research abilities and scientific know-how. The goals are to train a student to have the background and the tools to continue his/her education in the medical profession in any direction he/she chooses, to develop his/her communication skills with peers, patients and their families, and to be able to develop into a clinician/researcher in order to advance medical knowledge for the benefit of patients.

The curriculum emphasizes self-study, both as a means to supplement course material and as the basis for the ongoing development required of the practicing physician and scientist to keep abreast of the rapid changes in medicine. The curriculum emphasizes the behavioral sciences, in which students learn the various facets of the doctor-patient relationship and study the ethical aspects of medical practice. Preventive medicine and community public health services are stressed as major elements within the curriculum.

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