Pre-Clinical Curriculum

The First Two Years

The first two years of the program are dedicated to building a foundation in the sciences basic to the study of medicine. Emphasis is on an individual performance of experiments, anatomic dissections, and pathology procedures designed to impart necessary skills and the scientific approach.

In the first half of the year the students are already exposed to the medical system recognizing various functions of the hospital.

The second year of the program includes pre-clinical instruction with an emphasis on the medical system and its various functions of the hospital.  An USMLE preparatory course is integrated into the curriculum beginning in the second semester of year 2 of the program and runs up to the taking of the exam in May of the second year before the start of the clinical rotations in year 3.

The Introduction to the Clinic course will provide second year students a structured framework for physician-patient communication, the physical examination and the integration of clinical data.


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