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The Student Services Department maintains a mission to build a cohesive medical community, positively impact the quality of student life, and help students succeed academically and as skilled physicians. The T-CELL (Technion-Community, Enrichment, Learning and Living) Program was developed to provide an overall culture of wellness. This includes addressing physical health issues, promoting self care, cultivating a community and improving mindfulness strategies.

The Technion American Medical Program provides the following services to help you with this process:

Counseling Services for Short Term Therapy

Offers a private and confidential environment to discuss academic and/or personal related issues that could be affecting your well-being.

Educational and Career Counseling

Successful adjustment may include coping with a new school and home. Time management, test preparation strategies and attention issues can be explored. Learning issues are addressed and additional services may be available.

Academic Advisement

Guidance is provided by the academic advisement unit. Your personal course schedule could be explored to enable you to maximize your educational experience.

Academic Tutoring Assistance

The tutoring program could assist with time management issues, academic help, and test taking tips.

Financial Aid Counseling

Guidance to help you pay for four years of medical school and understand the loan process offered by the United States and Canada.

Peer Mentoring Program

At times talking with other students helps you learn how others have successfully been through the process. The mentors receive professional guidance and support and are available to help you with issues of medical school and living in Israel. This program also includes a wellness program, exercise activities and cultural enrichment activities.

Alumni Mentoring Program

Coordinating with alumni to pair every student with a mentor in the appropriate specialty.


Israel is an amazing microcosm of the world; composed of many cultures, communities, religions, and neighborhoods. Familiarity with these experiences with Israeli mentors will enable you to gain an additional perspective. A homogeneous relationship will create reciprocity leading to discussions on medicine, education and future aspirations. This relationship will help improve professional support, a sense of personal well-being and enable you to understand the complexity of life in Israel.

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