Tuition & Financial Aid


$40,000+student association fees

Note: all students who have little to no Hebrew knowledge are required to attend the Summer Ulpan. Information will be sent about Hebrew placement after admissions acceptance.

Financial Aid

The Technion is fully approved by the United States Department of Education, for participation in federal student loans for American citizens and permanent residents. U.S. students may receive up to $20,500 in federal Stafford Student Loans (Stafford Loans) annually, and the balance of the cost of Attendance (COA) may be taken in Federal Graduate PLUS loans, as per U.S. regulations. These funds are designed to make low interest loans available to students to help them meet their educational expenses. Eligible students may also apply for alternative (private) loans up to the amount of annual tuition and living expenses.

Eligibility for Federal Loans

To be eligible for U.S. Stafford and Graduate PLUS Loans, you must comply with the following conditions:

  1. Acceptance for enrollment as a regular student in a recognized Degree or Certificate program.
  2. U.S citizenship or be an eligible non-citizen with a valid Social Security number.
  3. Study at least half time in the approved program.
  4. Maintain satisfactory academic progress.
  5. No default on any Student Financial Aid (SFA) loans or have SFA grant scholarship overpayment.
  6. If you are a male aged 18-25, you must be registered with Selective Services. If you have not done so please register with them at , or use the appropriate question on your FAFSA to register. If you are over 26 and have never registered with the Selective Services, you are not eligible for Federal Loans, unless you are a non- citizen who entered the country after the age of 26 or were born before 1960.
  7. You are ineligible for Stafford loans if you have exceeded the “loans limits”. The combined limit for all federal loans, including those obtained for any other studies is $138,500 at the completion of your post-graduate degree. This amount includes the maximum subsidized loan of $65,000.
  8. Please note that the total Federal Loan Limits do not include loans taken in the Graduate PLUS Loan program. The maximum Graduate PLUS Loans that can be taken in any given year are the COA less any other loans and scholarships.
  9. Even though not all questions need to be answered, make sure that you correctly answer question #31 on the FAFSA application. Do not leave it blank. If this question, relating to drug convictions is not answered, you will not be eligible for a Stafford Loan.
  10. Attendance in all pre-clinical and clinical responsibilities is mandatory and contingent on receiving financial aid.

Before completing your FAFSA on the Web, you will need:

  1. To determine your eligibility based on the criteria in the section on eligibility for Financial Aid.
  2. Documents needed :
  • Social Security number
  • Driver’s License number
  • Your Federal Income Tax Return (and those of your spouse if married)
  • Record of untaxed income such as social security benefits
  • The school code: G09428

The 1098-T tax letter will be provided.

To be eligible for Canadian Student Loan as a full-time student you must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident
  • Be a permanent resident of a province/ territory that issues Canada Student loans
  • Demonstrate financial need (family income up to Can. $100,000)
  • Enrolled at least 60%
  • Pass a credit check if over 22 years of age
  • Maintain a satisfactory academic standard

The Government of Canada provides loans for the actual number of weeks studied up to a maximum of 34 per year.